Event Online Streaming Procedures

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ALIA TAS - Procedure for streaming events

  • Priority for content format:
    1. Audio - bare minimum to hear a speaker's report
    2. Slides/material - to give context to the audio
    3. Video stream - known to cause latency issues due to bandwidth limitations and delivery format (two-way broadcasting), affecting delivery of slides and audio. Use only when sure will not affect priorities 1. & 2.
  • Where ever possible, choose venues that offer the best streaming technology and aim to test streaming technology prior to event
  • Where possible, ensure there will be a staff member available at the venue who can operate the technology during the event
  • Ensure there is a phone number that remotely located attendees can use to contact a committee member or staff member at the site doing the streaming if connection fails
  • Confirm that speakers have slides/material prepared. Where possible, try to receive a copy prior to event, so that a back up is available, and also to facilitate the process of sharing slides post-event
  • Prior to the start of a presentation/report, check that microphone levels are audible to external sites. If needed, adjust settings or ask presenter to move closer to the microphone
  • When taking questions or engaging with audience or other members, have either the presenter or the event moderator (ALIA TAS) repeat the question into the microphone
  • At the start of the event, take a register of attendees, with contact details
  • Post-event, send attendees ALIA TAS event survey to collect feedback. Also ask for verbal feedback